Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WTF Movie Night

We've (Moi, Rich, Garrett, Phil and Joe) been doing random movie nights out here for a while (apologies to Phil's poor fiance Kelly who had to put up with many a splatter film) But it was after a Halloween movie marathon spilled over into the rest of one otherwise normal weekend that WTF Movie Night was truly born. We've met (semi) weekly since then and I am blessed to have friends with as questionable tastes in films as I do.

So far we've tackled, in no particular order:
-Salo / 120 Days of Sodom
-The Eliminators
-Body Double
-Mute Witness
-Untold Story
-Funky Forest
-Chocolate (the autistic girl who knows kung fu one, not the Johnny Depp one)
-Machine Girl
-Tokyo Gore Police
-To Live & Die in LA
-Dead Snow
-The Chaser
-The Saddest Music in the World
-Death Bell
-3000 Miles To Graceland
-Nekromantik 2
-Richard Kern Short Film Festival
-They Live
-The Washingtonians
-Lady Snowblood
-Sukiyaki Western Django
-Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders
-Invasion U.S.A.
-Burial Ground
-My Bloody Valentine
-The Prowler
-Wild Zero
-Robot Jox
-Leprechaun in the Hood
-Nightmare Detective
-Evil Dead Trap
-After Last Season
-Death Bell
-The Man From Hong Kong


-Confessions of a Shopaholic

I'm sure I'm leaving some off...

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